Services and Property Hunter

Are you tired of visiting real estate agents who do not have your esteem or confidence?
Looking for a serious professional who is also your consultant?

Buying a property is not easy.

Today, with the new technical, fiscal and bureaucratic regulations it is increasingly necessary to have a serious real estate professional at your side who is able to follow you from the first cognitive interview, to deepen your housing needs and investment, up to the after-sales service with support in the handling of the deed after practices.

If you decide to entrust us you will receive:

Initial meeting to understand your actual housing needs or investment.

Looking for a selection of properties (also in collaboration with other trust colleagues).

Visits to the premises with the study of technical, legal and bureaucratic documentation, "Due Diligence".

Assistance in the drafting of the preliminary agreement and its registration.

Support for the deed with research documentation and delivery to the notary of your trust.

After sale service with assistance in processing times.

One real estate agent, a service to 360 degrees!

Do not see what's right for you?

Write to us for advice or to discuss your needs, we will respond quickly.

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